Local, Heirloom, & Ancient Grains

There is no substitute for high quality, raw ingredients from Colorado and our surrounding states. We look to our Colorado Farmers to see what they are growing, excited about, and grains that exhibit extraordinary flavor and substance. See our Grains Page for more info!

Stone Milled

We mill all our local grains in-house on a beautiful, handmade Granite Mill that was made in Vermont by New American Stone Mills. They specialize in Barre Gray Granite, which has an exceptionally fine grain, even texture, durability, and a large thermal mass. It is a mill that will outlive our bakers and has a thermal mass that keeps temperatures low during the milling process — thereby, protecting nutrients in the grain that could be damaged by excess heat. We have 1 of 8 mills in Colorado, and there are less than 120 mills worldwide!

Naturally Fermented

Our baking relies primarily on living starters, with only a small portion of viennoiserie and bread using commercial yeast. Natural fermentation occurs when bread rises without yeast, activated by naturally occurring airborne yeast or those present in wheat grains. During fermentation, microorganisms like yeast convert carbs into alcohol or acids. We prefer lactic acid bacteria for its enhancement of sweet, fruity, and dairy flavors in baked goods. Natural fermentation is beneficial for gut health, acting as a prebiotic. This process helps predigest starches in flour, aiding digestion, and promoting stable blood sugar levels.

Real Food — Seasonal and Balanced

We work closely with purveyors to source and highlight as much Colorado produce as we can, supplementing with surrounding states. We thrive on seasonality and curate our bakery items to highlight this season's bounties.

Fresh and local ingredients are the hallmark of our program. Some of our ingredients are sourced from the greater US, Europe, and surrounding countries for the highest quality cheeses, meats, fruit purees, and other essentials to our blossoming program.

Our baked goods tasting profiles are thoughtful and balanced, whether savory, sweet, or a combination of both. We love to curate approachable and unique treats that take you on a flavor roller coaster. Flexing our creativity muscles is our fav! In short, everything is "real food" made with the lost crafts that were normal before bread turned into store-bought, filler sandwich bread.