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Noir Chocolate Zucchini Cake

  • Product Description

      I saw that our local purveyor had some Zucchini Squash from a local farm that I LOVE the yellow squash from...so I ordered ten pounds and made a gigantic batch of chocolate cake batter, and now the Zucchinis are all bought and purchased! SO this will only run for a limited time - maybe a week. Let me tell you - you CANNOT even tell there is Zucchini inside! It adds delicious moisture without flavor. Have you
      had zucchini bread with chocolate chunks? Yep. This is a more decadent and dessert focus on that idea. Glazed with a dark chocolate glaze, and garnished with toasted cacao nibs and maldon sea salt to balance the cake and give depth.


      Noir Zucchini Cake Batter (Colorado Grown Zucchini, Light Brown Sugar, Eggs, Sir Galahad AP Flour, Dark Chocolate Chunks, European Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Carbon Black (Noir) Cocoa Powder, House Milled Windy White Flour, Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean Paste, Baking Soda), Dark Chocolate Mirror Glaze (Apricot Glaze, Guayaquil Dark Chocolate, Heavy Cream, Vanilla Bean Paste, Sea Salt), Toasted Cacao Nibs, Maldon Sea Salt


      Gluten, Dairy, Eggs