Located at Corvus Coffee Roasters

Bacon Fat Biscuit

  • Product Description

      Using bacon fat and smoked salt, this biscuit will rock your socks off. This is to be paired with small containers of our lemon curd and strawberry black pepper jam for the best bite. America consumes 5,608,654,506 pounds of bacon each year and this allows us to use every last bit of bacon lard.


      Biscuit Dough ((Sir Galahad Flour, Whole Milk, Heirloom Turkey Red Flour, European Butter, Bacon Fat, Granulated Sugar, Baking Powder, Apple Cider vinegar, Baking Powder, Sea Salt, Smoked Sea Salt, Baking Soda), Egg Wash, Smoked Sea Salt), Lemon Curd (Lemon Juice, Eggs, Granulated Sugar, European Butter, Lemon Zest, Gelatin), Black Pepper Strawberry Jam (Strawberries, Granulated Sugar, Lemon Juice, Vanilla Bean Paste, Apple Pectin, Black Pepper)


      Gluten, Dairy, Eggs, Gelatin